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stringless_kite wrote in kanjani8_quotes
Unknown source I can't remember where I got this from

Hina/Ryo (about surprising him on his birthday)

Yoko: So to Ohkura, we said, "Take Hina back to the dorm at once! We'll go ahead and get things ready!" Ohkura says, "Ok then! I'll like, go and pointlessly change my clothes." And then Ohkura sends me a text message during this, "Murakami-kun's really mad at me right now!"
Hina: I didn't understand why he had to change! We were about to get food, so why?
Yoko: He was pointlessly changing, so I texted him back. "Change your underwear too! Now!" And while doing that I said, "Hey, let's all hide? We'll hide and watch and then I'll Sing Happy Birthday, so you all join in!"
And then Nishikido says, "I don't want to! That's embarrassing!"
"They're coming already, so hide!" (guessing this is still Yoko)
"I don't want to! That's something I can't do!" Nishikido starts being stubborn at the weirdest places. And we sang together, and at the end, Nishikido goes, "I'm glad we sang!"
Hina: Well, but really, I'm happy that they did that much for me!

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So awesome of them to do that. 8Db

I know, right? I found it so cute ^^

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