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I've come to the decision to close this community.

It was bound to happen soon. I'm proud with how far this community has gone. I had never expected to post #422 quotes - despite rarely updating. Sorry about the spam just now - I only wanted to leave you all with that massive spam of quotes as a farewell gift & parting present before I cease activity here.

I've posted on this community since May, 2010.

My aim was to expose eighters to Kanjani8 translations all over the web with a range of entertaining, informative, loveable, inspiring, cracky and touching quotes. The aim of this community was also to link new&old eighters to facts/things/quotes that they may have not known about Kanjani.

I still love Kanjani with all my heart. I really do. It's more about the time factor for me. Due to me being busy/exhausted with work/life (as some of you may know), it's difficult for me to catch up with fandom & be in the loop all the time. I'm not saying I've stopped completely - I still love kicking back to the latest Janiben episode up`d by dozchan, watching cons & giggling at j-webs to this day. They've become so popular over the years and I am so proud of them.

This community will be continue to be online for those who want to join & read locked quotes. :)

So, on a happy note...I leave you with one gif of a spazzy ossan & one last quote. <3

Mugendai lyrics, 2005 translated by megchan

Friendship, truth, dreams, hopes, happiness, smiles, courage, journeys
Joy and sorrow, we shared everything on this road we've walked together; our meeting was not just coincidence
All the things we've felt during these days we've lived, our overflowing feelings are infinite!!

Arigatou eighters <3

P.S. I advise you to all follow enshinge because she continues to regularly post translated quotes on a weekly basis. She seriously is amazing & a gem to the Kanjani8 fandom. Everybody has been dispersing off to tumblr & other sites, so I'm not sure who else is active on LJ these days (translating wise). However, there are still people around posting on other sites.

yes, we can!


Potato, February 2010 translated by otakuhaspie

The ones to support us the most, although it’s obvious, are our fans. Because we have you, we can move forwards with energy. Thank you very very much! We’re grateful that you sacrifice many hours of your youth for us, so all members will combine their powers and make effort to continue shining, so please continue watching over us now and in the future!



Unknown source I can't remember where I got this from

Hina/Ryo (about surprising him on his birthday)

Yoko: So to Ohkura, we said, "Take Hina back to the dorm at once! We'll go ahead and get things ready!" Ohkura says, "Ok then! I'll like, go and pointlessly change my clothes." And then Ohkura sends me a text message during this, "Murakami-kun's really mad at me right now!"
Hina: I didn't understand why he had to change! We were about to get food, so why?
Yoko: He was pointlessly changing, so I texted him back. "Change your underwear too! Now!" And while doing that I said, "Hey, let's all hide? We'll hide and watch and then I'll Sing Happy Birthday, so you all join in!"
And then Nishikido says, "I don't want to! That's embarrassing!"
"They're coming already, so hide!" (guessing this is still Yoko)
"I don't want to! That's something I can't do!" Nishikido starts being stubborn at the weirdest places. And we sang together, and at the end, Nishikido goes, "I'm glad we sang!"
Hina: Well, but really, I'm happy that they did that much for me!



Kanjani Tsushin, October 2011 translated by accusingpixels

When I was finally shooting, the camera man kept making suggestions about taking off my pants and my pants just got lower and lower. Suddenly he asked people to leave the studio and I was left all alone with the camera man and the assistant? It was just the 3 of us!! They went to look at the shots we did and kept going 'woahhhh'. So I got hyped up and took off my pants.