stringless_kite (stringless_kite) wrote in kanjani8_quotes,


J-web, June 2007 translated by renchan5

I feel that the relationship I have with eighters goes beyond little things like titles, and is something that is beyond explanation. It might seem like I`m just giving you lip service, but it is really how I feel. Because telling a lie is the thing that hurts me the most. So, in the end, I cannot deny people who think it is fine to only be around those who understand and think the same as them. Whatever people say, or think, or do, I`ll keep singing about my love for all of you. This clumsy, awkward way of living is the only way I know to go, but that is Shibutani Subaru. I just can`t lie, no matter how hard I try. I want to keep on living it real.


Tags: ! shibutani subaru, media: j-web, x: 2007
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