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stringless_kite wrote in kanjani8_quotes
J-web, March 2013 translated by enshinge

If you really want to do something, you can do anything. You might regret it what you do, but you should make sure you leave regrets by not doing something. It's tough sometimes, but as long as you can laugh about it later, it's okay.

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These two weeks in row, his J-Web inspire me so much
I feel sick about my study and work but reading his words cheering me up :)
Thanks for posting many nice quotes here, Rhea
Knowing you stop doing it made me sad but I do understand

PS Good luck for your wonderful trip there, wanna go too XDD
(Why I dont post this on your FB :P)

Yoko's so amazing. Your ichiban is amazing ;)
Thanks Pla <3

I don't know, but anywhere is good. Haha. ;) As long as we still keep in contact, ne? Haha <3

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