Wink Up, July 2008 translated by otakuhaspie

If I enter a private stall in the toilet, there’ll definitely be Hina next to me. It’s like this wherever we go. Be it a TV station or a studio. I know that it’s Hina from the sound of his breathing and the way he clears his throat. Also the sound he rolls paper. After Hina takes toilet paper, he probably folds it.



Cinema Cinema 28, November 2010 translated by enshinge

[ About Ryo drinking ]
Yoko: He doesn't hesitate in drinking a lot, so. I keep telling him not to, but...
Ohkura: And then he goes right to sleep after that (laugh).
Yoko: He says, "You trying to get me to?" and then swallows. We're like, "No!" (laugh)
Ryo: I just think that it might be better for me to drink than not to drink. Because I'm not funny. All I can do is drink *dead serious tone*.
*Kanjani8 laughs*



J-web, June 2007 translated by renchan5

I feel that the relationship I have with eighters goes beyond little things like titles, and is something that is beyond explanation. It might seem like I`m just giving you lip service, but it is really how I feel. Because telling a lie is the thing that hurts me the most. So, in the end, I cannot deny people who think it is fine to only be around those who understand and think the same as them. Whatever people say, or think, or do, I`ll keep singing about my love for all of you. This clumsy, awkward way of living is the only way I know to go, but that is Shibutani Subaru. I just can`t lie, no matter how hard I try. I want to keep on living it real.




Duet October, 2008 translated by midori-murasaki

When Ohkura was around 16-17, Subaru took him to a body piercing shop. Ohkura pierced his left ear, while Subaru pierced both of his ears. When they returned to their respective home, both of them were slapped by their moms. Subaru got slapped once while Ohkura receive slap on both side of his cheeks.



Duet, December 2011 translated by jagariko5

Nicknaming Maru-chan
Baru: We’ll go with Shakure.
Maru: Correct!
Ryo: Gums!
Maru: Correct!
Hina: The Guy with the weird Lips!
Maru: Correct!
Yasu: The Weird Guy!
Maru: Correct!
Ryo: The Guy Who Had His Braces Removed Half Way Through!
Maru: Correct!
Baru: The Mouth Man! Because he talks a lot.
Maru: Correct!



∞o'clock 08 lyrics, 2008 & translated by enshinge

Only barely a Johnny's, a tsukkomi idol
Any time anywhere his right palm is open
Tsukkomis gravure idols without hesitation
Tsukkomis bigshots without fear
But yet sometimes his right hand's a fist
He finds Maru-chan and punches him for real
Tsukkomis are his life, his right hand is his life
His double teeth are his life, Murakami Shingo