Potato, December 2008 translated by enshinge

Once he’s into something, the concentration he puts into it is amazing. He’s the type who totally gets into his role when he does dramas. When he started playing the guitar, he constantly had a guitar with him and he got good at it really quickly, and even though he doesn’t play games a lot, he was really into one and kept playing recently. And then when he gets tired of it, he immediately quits. It feels good watching him do that (laugh).



April, 2010 translated by skycouldfall @ yokodiary

I wonder what it is - that feeling of unity that I can't describe in words. It's something Kanjani8 and you have created. It's an amaizng power. I feel like I can do anything. This way, Kanjani8 has made dreams come true. I'm seriously so glad I'm in Kanjani8.




Thought I'd post up to 400 quotes today in celebration ^^



The Television, November 2007 translated by kiizu

Murakami-kun, there was a time when you switched the soccer uniform you were wearing during an encore with a fan’s…
Hina: They’d printed my name on the shirt of a team that I like and were wearing it, it made me really happy.
Yoko: It’s the exchange of sweat, huh?
Hina: Yeah, the shirt which I took from the fan was heavy with sweat. Thinking that they must have been enjoying the performance that much, I was moved.